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 A 20-year record of alpine grasshopper abundance, with interpretations for climate change
 A bacterial survey of some New Zealand forest lands, grasslands, and peats
 A banding study of North Island brown kiwis in an exotic forest
 A battery operated vacuum device for collecting insects unharmed
 A behavioural study of Lagrioida brouni Pascoe (Lagriidae: Coleoptera)
 A benthic study of the Avon Spring Stream, Christchurch
 A Berlese funnel for the rapid extraction of grassland surface macro-arthropods
 A bibliography of Antarctic exploration and research pp 517-586 in Murray,G. (Ed.) The Antarctic manual for the use of the expedition of 1901
 A binomial sequential decision plan for control of two-spotted spider mite in strawberries in Canterbury
 A biological investigation of the Leeston Drain, Canterbury, New Zealand
 A biological survey in New Zealand?
 A biological survey of the Kaiapoi River following fellmongery effluent treatment
 A blessing or a curse? American author vindicates use of pesticides
 A breeding advantage to a passerine living near a penguin colony
 A brief account of the rise and present condition of official economic entomology
 A brief description of a pair of remarkable horned mandibles of an insect
 A brief history of the study of the Coccoidea.
 A brief radio-telemetry study on moreporks
 A bushman's seventeen years of noting birds. part d - shining cuckoo and long-tailed cuckoo
 A bushman's seventeen years of noting birds: introduction and part a (bellbird and tui)
 A bushman's seventeen years of noting birds: part b - New Zealand pipit, grey warbler, North Island fantail and silvereye
 A bushman's seventeen years of noting birds: part c - North Island rifleman, whitehead pied tit and North Island robin
 A capture-recapture analysis of a population of the harvestman, Phalangium opilio
 A case for entry of New Zealand apples into Japan
 A case for the introduction of additional dung burying beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) into New Zealand
 A case of insect resistance
 A case of persistent attacks on a human by Lyctocoris campestris (F.) (Hem.: Anthocoridae)
 A case of progressive hysterothetely in Costelytra zealandica (White) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
 A catalogue and host list of the Anoplura
 A catalogue and reclassification of the Indo-Australian Ichneumonidae
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