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 Pacific Pyrales of the 'St. George' expedition
 Pacific entomologists, 1966
 Pacific-Asian biogeography with examples from the Coleoptera
 Paleogeographic history reflected in speciation trends of the New Zealand ribbed pulmonate Charopa coma (Gray) (Charopidae)
 Paleolimnology of the Upper Swamp deposit, Pyramid Valley
 Palletised beehives speed site changing
 Pallial structure and function and compaction of body form in Athoracophorus bitentaculus (Quoy and Gaimard)
 Pallial systems in the Athoracophoridae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)
 Panbiogeography and the public
 Panorpata und Planipennia pp 255-258 in Michaelsen,W;. Hartmeyer Die Fauna Suedwest-Australiens: Ergebnisse der Hamburger suedwest australischen Forschungsreise 1905
 Papers from the Hopkins Stanford Galapagos Expedition, 1898-1899 7. Entomological results (6). Arachnida. Part 2. Field notes on species described in part 1
 Papers from the Hopkins Stanford Galapagos Expedition, 1898-1899. 7. Entomological results. (6) Arachnida, Part 1.
 Papuan weevil genus Gymnopholus: second supplement with studies in epizoic symbiosis
 Papuan weevil genus Gymnopholus: supplement and further studies in epizoic symbiosis
 Paramphistomiasis in sheep
 Parasite came from Pakistan
 Parasite helps control army caterpillar
 Parasite problems of plant monoculture
 Parasite-free lambs for Sarcocystis research
 Parasite-induced inhibition of sexual maturity in mammalian pancreatic fluke
 Parasites and predators of lucerne aphids at Flock House, Bulls
 Parasites and predators pp 271-308 in Scott,R.R. (Ed.) New Zealand pest and beneficial insects
 Parasites and the economy
 Parasites and the immune system-cestodes
 Parasites et predateurs introduits dans les iles du pacifique pour la lutte biologique contre les insectes et autres fleaux
 Parasites for control of cabbage butterfly
 Parasites from an Atlantic bottle-nose dolphin Tursiops truncatus, and a revised checklist of parasites of this host
 Parasites in wild ruminants
 Parasites in zoo animals
 Parasites of the European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus (L.), on some subantarctic islands
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