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 O nekterych novych a malo znamych druzich plecopter asijsko australske oblasti
 Obituary - Andre Leon Tonnoir, entomologist
 Obituary - Augustus Hamilton
 Obituary - G.F.J.M. Britton, coccidologist
 Obituary - George Malcolm Thomson (1848-1933)
 Obituary - Patrick Marshall
 Obituary and bibliography of Herbert Womersley
 Obituary- Harry Borrer Kirk (1859-1948)
 Obituary notices: Mr Alfred Philpott, F.E.S.
 Obituary, William Owen Steel
 Obituary. Clare Frances Morales, BSc., MSc.(Hons), Ph.D., D.I.C. 1946-1991
 Obituary. Dr F.W. Hilgendorf (1874-1942)
 Obituary: Averil Margaret Lysaght (1905-1981) and the natural history records from Cook's voyages
 Obituary: Charles Chilton
 Obituary: Dr Kenneth Fox
 Obituary: George Vernon Hudson, F.R.S.N.Z. (1867-1946)
 Obituary: James Francis Innes Morice, [1899-1968]
 Obituary: Lewis Morrison, 1895-1968
 Obituary: Major Thomas Broun
 Obituary: Major Thomas Broun, 1838-1919
 Obituary: William Cottier, D.SC., F.R.S.N.Z., F.R.E.S.
 Obituary: William George Howes (1879-1946)
 Observaciones cauntitativas sobre los invertebrados terrestres antarticos y preantarticos
 Observation on Sphenodon punctatum, fringe-back lizard (tuatara)
 Observations - Gardners Gut staydown 1969
 Observations and experiments on Monomorium nitidum (Smith) with a note on the raising of female ants in captivity
 Observations biologiques sur les tiques (Acari, Argasidae et Ixodidae) des iles francaises d'oceanie
 Observations in the South Sandwich Islands, 1962
 Observations made on the New Zealand glow-worm (Arachnocampa luminosa) during 1926
 Observations of Agrotis munda and Enicospilus insularis
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